How to submit a Grant Request.

The Houston Delta Gamma Foundation is exclusively devoted to the furtherance of the blind and near-blind person’s physical, mental, social and emotional assistance and guidance. Funds may be contributed to:

1. Support organized charitable, scientific, literary and education bodies or institutions

2. Defray the cost of study or research carried on by qualified persons, whether or not they are employed by or otherwise connected with or are carrying on such study or research under the auspices of an organized body or institution, and furnish subsistence to persons so engaged

3. Assist worthy persons in the matter of their physical welfare or in furtherance of their education, if funds for such purpose are not available to them from other sources.

4. Own or lease and pay the costs of and of the operation of premises, machinery, equipment or other property being devoted exclusively to charitable, scientific, literary or educational purposes and uses, including salaries or other compensation of qualified persons employed or otherwise engaged in connection with the operation thereof.


1. Organization/agency qualifies as a 501 (C)(3) organization or a governmental unit described in Section 170 (c) of the Internal Revenue Code of 1986 (not a private foundation or a private operating foundation), and that receipt of this grant will not adversely affect Grantee’s current status.

2. Organization/agency can provide the Houston Delta Gamma Foundation with adequate disclosure of financial statements or 990 tax information returns for the fiscal year in which grants requests are made & received.

3. Organization/agency devoted to the furtherance of the blind and near-blind’s physical, mental, social and emotional assistance and guidance intends to use the awarded money for a project that serves a person/group in the greater Houston area.

4. The awarded money will not be used to fund building projects.

5. Organization/agency will be able to submit a written report to the Houston Delta Gamma Foundation that they awarded money was used for the project stated in this request within one year from the date the grant was awarded.

6. Grant requests should be submitted by January 31, 2019, to the Houston Delta Gamma Foundation via U.S. mail at: P.O. Box 130871 Houston, Texas 77219-0871 or e-mail at:

7. Return of funds may be requested, if not used as specified in grant request.

Application Checklist:

– The letter of application should be submitted on the organization’s letterhead, and signed or endorsed by the chief executive officer.

– Complete application provided by the Houston Delta Gamma Foundation.

– Please include a copy of the organization’s IRS determination letter
The amount requested and total funds needed for the project and timing of the grant.

– The purpose of the grant and statement of need and an outline of how the program will be operated.

– The budget for the program.

– All other grants received or anticipated for the project, including the name of the grantor; also, the name of any collaborating agency and what the collaboration entails.

– Source of funds available for project apart from grants (e.g. proceeds from sale of assets, other income, Federal or State of Texas grants).

– The latest year’s income and expense statement, 990 tax information return or audited financial report.