Who We Serve

The Foundation serves as a bridge between the visually impaired members of society and the organizations that serve them

The Houston Delta Gamma Foundation benefits the blind and visually impaired by funding research to prevent blindness, providing low vision and educational aids, helping with needed medical intervention and counseling, participating in cultural enrichment, funding vision examinations, corrective equipment and lenses and providing equipment for vision examinations. The Foundation is uniquely flexible in providing this support.

Past grant recipients include:

Past Grant Recipients

The Lighthouse of Houston

Shelagh Moran, VP, COO, indicated that the Lighthouse of Houston is proud to recognize and honor the commitment of the Houston Delta Gamma Foundation for the more than three decades of generosity in support of services and programs for the blind and visually impaired. The generous contributions from the Houston Delta Gamma Foundation created a Teen Enrichment Program, supported multiple building projects and advanced a number of programs and services.

Beep Baseball

Helen Boudreaux, with the Greater Houston Beep Baseball Association expressed a deep appreciation for the donation to the Houston Beep Baseball Team, the “Bayou City Heat”. The donation from the Houston Delta Gamma foundation helps provide the financial support the team requires to make the dream of participating in the 2015 Beep Baseball World Series a reality.

Hermann Eye Fund

Dr. Richard Ruiz thanked the foundation for supporting the Hermann Eye Fund and being a partner in their programs of indigent care, teaching and research in the field of ophthalmology. Dr. Ruiz noted that the caring and generosity of the Houston Delta Gamma Foundation is the catalyst which makes it all possible.

Retina Research

The generous gift to the Retina Research Foundation helps realize their desire to reduce retinal blindness worldwide through programs in research and education.

Sight Into Sound

SIS Board Member, Bob Greenstone, expressed his sincere gratitude to the Delta Gamma Foundation for the generous gift which helps Sight into Sound maintain important current programs and services for the blind and visually impaired, as well as expand into new services so important to their clients.

Eye Care For Kids

Ellen Efsic, Executive Director, noted that through the support of the Houston Delta Gamma Foundation, Eye Care for Kids was able to expand the program to help meet the vision needs of youth who do not have any other way to secure glasses.

UH Good Neighbor Clinic

Dr. Roger LL. Boltz, CFO and Interim Dean of the College of Optometry thanked the Houston Delta Gamma Foundation for their support and generosity of the Good Neighbor Clinic that provides services of comprehensive eye care, contact lens fitting and evaluation and full service optical exams to their patients. During the past year over 4,800 students in need were examined and another 4,400 students were prescribed glasses.

Guide Dogs of Texas

Sandy Merril, President of Guide Dogs of Texas indicated that the donation from the Houston Delta Gamma Foundation supports their mission to provide mobility and independence for Texans with visual impairments.

Sight Savers America

Nicole Williams, Director of Development, acknowledge the generosity of the Houston Delta Gamma Foundation by funding the clinic and providing life-changing vision assistive technology for every child in the Houston area that needs, but cannot afford visio aide equipment.

Legacy Frost Eye Clinic

Chree Boydstun, Chief Development Officer of Legacy Community Health Services, expressed gratitude to the Houston Delta Gamma Foundation for its continued support of the Frost Eye Clinic. With deep appreciation it was noted that the donation from the foundation provided eyeglasses to more than 40 people each year – people who have no other means to obtain eyeglasses. This makes a difference in the lives of many who would otherwise not receive the healthcare they need!

Hannah as a pup visiting the Houston Delta Gamma Foundation Board

The HDGF Board of Directors with Hannah.

Hannah’s pup “Onyx” and her raiser, Wendy, visiting with HDGF Board of Directors.